Not Just Empowerment. Empow-WOW-erment!

Who is Mr. Paul Maul?


He’s irreverent. He’s downright insane. And yet, he is strangely useful.

In a series of motivational videos, including highlights from his TV fundraising specials, in blogs, on Facebook and in a hilarious self-help eBook that boasts honest-to-God great advice, Mr. Paul Maul will have you laughing all the way to personal growth.


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What the Uncompensated Critics Are Saying:

Need a new outlook on life? Turn to Mr. Paul Maul for help. His unique insights are sure to help you alter your perspective and give you quite an education…and, actually some pretty sound motivational words along the way.  I caught myself laughing out loud a couple of times…I guarantee you’ll get a good laugh.” Mary Ward,


 Mr. Paul Maul: Motivational Speaker for the Rest of Us.


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